Our Book: Understanding Your Aptitudes

With this book, we provide in-depth information regarding the aptitudes you heard about in your summary. In each chapter, you will read about the tests themselves, the aptitudes they measure, and examples of how these aptitudes can be used.

Although each chapter has a specific focus, it is important to keep in mind that aptitudes do not function in isolation. That is why we continually refer to the importance of understanding any aptitude in the context of your entire pattern of scores; our research has shown that people who use as many of their aptitudes as possible in their work tend to be more satisfied with what they do. Much like puzzle pieces, one piece all by itself has little value—it's the understanding of how the pieces fit together that provides meaning for each individual.

As a research organization, we continue to carry out Johnson O'Connor's vision, so you may have participated in our ongoing research by taking experimental tests or other tests not featured in these chapters. We thank you for your contribution.

Since our early days, we have shared our thinking in writing to supplement the summary discussion of the test results. Johnson O'Connor wrote and oversaw the production of a variety of books and pamphlets about aptitudes and their place in personal planning. Their legacy remains with us, but they have long been out of print.

Margaret Broadley, a personal friend of Mr. O'Connor, wrote several books as well, with an observer's perspective on the work of our foundation; many of our testing alumni are familiar with Your Natural Gifts, now also out of print.

Dean Trembly, a former director of the the Fort Worth office who went on to become a psychology professor at California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo, wrote the book, Learning to Use Your Aptitudes. A copy of this book was given to everyone who was tested by the foundation for more than thirty years. We trust you will find this a fitting replacement.